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128 Jun 2023UG-CBCS Syllabus- Physical EducationDownload

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104 Aug 2020Online class routine Physical EducationDownload
220 Apr 2020Online Class Routine PEDGDownload

Departmental Study Material

113 Sep 2020Criteria of good test. (unit -1),Semester-5 .By Lakshmi Mondal5th SemesterDownload
211 Sep 2020Semester-3 Unit-2, Classification of joints. By Lakshmi Mondal3rd SemesterDownload
320 Aug 2020Principles of Evaluationun(unit-1), semester-5, By Lakshmi Mondal5th SemesterDownload
416 Aug 2020Test , Measurement and Evaluation , Semester-5, (Unit-1) By Lakshmi Mondal5th SemesterDownload
509 Aug 2020Semester -3 , (Unit-2- Musculo- Skeletal system ). 2.1. Skeletal System- Structure of Skeletal system, Classification of bones By Lakshmi Mondal3rd SemesterDownload
618 May 2020Communicable Diseases-Malaria,Dengue, chicken pox and Diarrhoea. Semester-4 (Unit- 2) By Lakshmi Mondal4th SemesterDownload
711 May 2020Semester-4 (Unit-1), Personal Health and Hygiene By Lakshmi Mondal4th SemesterDownload
811 May 2020Semester-2 (Unit-2), Method of Organisation of Intramural and Extramural Competition By Lakshmi Mondal2nd SemesterDownload
911 May 2020Semester-2 (unit -2) Tournament Meaning, Definition , Types ( Knock- out, League, Combination, challenge) By Lakshmi Mondal2nd SemesterDownload
1011 May 2020Physical activity for the disabled _ Types of disability, Programme for the disabled By Lakshmi MondalN/ADownload
1107 May 2020Semester-4 (Unit- 1), School Health Program- Health service, Health Instruction, Health Supervision, By Lakshmi Mondal4th SemesterDownload
1206 May 2020Semester-2 (unit-3) Importance, care and maintenance of sports equipment By Lakshmi Mondal,2nd SemesterDownload
1306 May 2020Semester-2 (unit-2) Tournament Meaning, Definition, Types ( knock-out, League, Combination, Challenge) By Lakshmi Mondal2nd SemesterDownload
1421 Apr 20203year , 2. Exercise Therapy corrective, Isotonic, Isometric and Resistance Exercises, Yoga as Therapy and massage Therapy By Lakshmi Mondal6th SemesterDownload
1513 Apr 2020Semester-2 Principles of Leadership activities. By Lakshmi Mondal2nd SemesterDownload
1613 Apr 2020Semester-4 , Definition, aims, objectives, and principles of Health education By Lakshmi Mondal4th SemesterDownload
1709 Apr 2020Physical education Leadership unit-4 ,2 semester By Lakshmi Mondal2nd SemesterDownload
1809 Apr 2020Physical education 3 year, Group-A ,Theory part- 1 and 3 unit, By Lakshmi Mondal6th SemesterDownload
1909 Apr 2020Physical education,Semester-4 Health and Health education (unit-1), By Lakshmi Mondal4th SemesterDownload

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