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Situated on the eastern bank of the river Bhagirathi, the 150 yrs old Krishnath college which has gathered to itself a halo bequeathed by its eminent teachers and alumuni, was originally founded by the Govt. of Bengal under East India Company on the 18th Nov. 1853 by notification no : 1913 20th Oct 1953, with the assistance of Nawab, Zaminders and a number of common people of this district although the idea of founding both the college and the University was first conceived by the visionary idealist and a Renaissance man Raja Krishnath – a dream that was not translated into reality by his cruel untimely death. However, since then the growth and development of this college have always been intimately concerned with Cossimbazar Raj family. Thus it is significant that the genesis of this Institution marked a cultural synthesis between feudalism and democracy not often dreamed of in that remote past.

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It gives me immense pleasure to write on the Krishnath College website as the first lady Principal. Our college is one of the oldest and leading colleges of West Bengal, with a great heritage of 162 years. The college was established in 1853 – the objective conditions were ready for foundation of a college at Berhampore, Murshidabad for imparting western education. Raja Krishnath Roy of Cossimbazar, with whose name our college has been associated was an outstanding personality. In 1841, when he was a young man of 19 and had just received his zamindary, entertained a grand idea and dream of founding a college. In his first will (January 7, 1841) he expressed his desire to found “extensive and handsome college or house of learning”.

Dr. Sujata Bagchi Banerjee

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