Dr. Subhajit Ghosh


Date of joining: 03.09.2008

Address: Department of Political Science, Krishnath College, Berhampore, Murshidabad

Phone No.: 9830402117

E-mail: subhabehala99@gmail.com

Academic Qualification:    M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Area of Specialization: International Relations

Research Interest: Security Studies, Geopolitics, Foreign Policy, Strategic Studies

Publications in Journals:

Sl No. Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Vol., Issue & Year ISSN
1 Subhajit Ghosh The Recent Trends In India-China Maritime Rivalry: Highlighting Security Aspect International Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies Vol.4, Issue 1, January 2017 2394-4404

Talks/Posters/Papers presented:

Sl No. Level Theme of the Seminar/Conference Title of the Paper Organised by Date
1 International Environment & Literature : Depicting The Struggle for The Co-existence of Civilizaion and Sustainability High Sea Level, Islands and Politics in Indian Ocean : Security Perspective Deptt. Of Sanskrit and English of Galsi Mahavidyalaya in collaboration with International Association for the Study of Australia 6.12.2019
2 International Challenges to the Post-Colonial Democracies: India and Her Neighbours in South Asia


Quest for Democracy or Strengthening Security: Maldivian Experience Galsi Mahavidyalaya, Burdwan 14th and 15th February, 2019
3 International Nationalism, Ethnicity Religion and Security in South Asia Maldives in India’s Security Calculus : Strategic and Geopolitical Perspective Deptt. Of Political Science, Kazi Nazrul University,Asansol 9.9.2018
4 National India As An Emerging Power: Myths and Reality Emerging India’s Maritime Security Strategy: An Assessment Deptt. Of Political Science, Kanchrapara College 11th November,2017
5 National Identity and Security in India in the Era of Globalization Maritime Security Threats :India-China Rivalry Deptt. Of Political Science, University of Burdwan 17th and 18th March, 2016
6 Regional Acharya Brajndranath Seal: The Great Humanist and Scientific Philosopher Acharya Brajendranath Seal  and Contemporary Academic Discipline Department of Philosophy, K.N. College 23rd September, 2015
7 National Global Terrorism and Endangered Human Civilization Combating Somali Piracy in The Indian Ocean: Indian Initiative Supports the World Deptt. Of History and Political Science, Syamsundar College, Burdwan 6th and 7th February, 2015
8 State Rajdharma Swami Vivekananda on Rajadharma :A Conceptual Analysis In Contemporary Perspective Kazi Nazrul Islam Mahavidyalaya,Churulia,Burdwan 21st and 22nd February, 2014
9 State Understanding Swami Vivekananda in Contemporary Perspective Swami Vivekananda on Global Peace & Human Security : Reflections of Sri Ramakrishna. Krishnath College,Berhampore, Murshidabad 23rd and 24th, August, 2013
10 International 16th Biennial National Conference of The Bangladesh History Association, Bangladesh Attachment with Southeast Asia : US-China Conflict or Cooperation ? The Bangladesh History Association, Bangladesh 29th and 30th April and 1st May,2010
11 State 9th Annual Conference of WB Political Science Association(WBPSA) U.S Foreign Policy Towards Southeast Asia on The Issue of Terrorism: Post 11th September Period WBPSA and R.K.Mission Vidyamandira, Belurmath. 17th   and 18th March,2007
12 State 10th Annual Conference of WBPSA India and ASEAN : Recent Trends WBPSA and Siligury College 15th and 16th December,2007

Publications in books, chapters etc.:

(Edited Book-2, Book authored-1, Articles –10)

Sl No. Name of Editor Name of the Author Title of the Book Title of the Article Publisher Year of Publication ISBN
1 Subhajit Ghosh Subhajit Ghosh Constitution, Government & Problems of Governance in South Asia Governance in Maldives : Problems and Prospects in he Twenty-first Century Blue Roan Publishing, Ahmedabad 2019 978-81-945161-0-1
2 Subhajit Ghosh Problems of International Politics   Vikas Publishing House Pvt.Ltd. New Delhi 2011 978-81-259-5270-1
3 Subhajit Ghosh and Alok Kumar Biswas Subhajit Ghosh Indo-Bangladesh Relations: Comprehensive and Contemporary Perspective Maritime Issues: Implications for India and Bangladesh Avenel Press 2016 978-93-80736-14-3
4 Dalia Hossain Subhajit Ghosh Dynamics of Global Terrorism,2nd edition India’s Maritime Security Scenario: Problems and Prospects


Avenel Press 2018 978-93-80761-08-4
5 Ainul Haque and Arnav Debnath Subhajit Ghosh Antarjatik Samporko Foreign Policy of Peoples’ Republic  of China: Historical background & Recent trends (in Bengali)


Avenel Press 2016 978-93-80736-48-8
6 Prasenjit Ghosh and Siddhartha Chatterjee Subhajit Ghosh History of the Relation Between  Human Rights and Politics Establishment of Human Rights Commission in Maldives: The Journey in the light of History K.P.Bagchi & Company:Kolkata 2016 978-81-7074-370-5
7 Dalia Hossain Subhajit Ghosh Dynamics of Global Terrorism Terrorist Experience and Piracy Operation in Somalia: India’s Suggestions to Overcome Avenel Press 2015 978-93-80761-08-4
8 Parthapratim Sen and Arunima Ray (Chowdhury) Subhajit Ghosh The Terrorists’ World : Ideas and Interpretations The Profile of Terrorism in Africa: The Post Cold War Era Levant Books, Kolkata 2014 978-93-80663-92-0
9 Apurbamohan Mukhopadhayay and Debasis Nandy Subhajit Ghosh Bharater Sambidhan The Role of Indian Prime Minister(In Bengali) Jaidurga Library,Kolkata 2012 978-93-81680-25-4
10 Apurbamohan Mukhopadhayay and Debasis Nandy Subhajit Ghosh Bhartiya Rajniti Tribals of India and Their Movement : An Analysis ( In Bengali) Jaidurga Library,Kolkata 2011 978-81-920382-4-7
11 Subhajit Ghosh  Sociology In The 21st Century : The First Decade Contemporary Indian Society and Sri Sri Sarada Maa: Theoretical Practical Analysis (in Bengali) Proceedings of   the UGC sponsored National Seminar , Barrackpore Rastraguru Surendranath College 2010 978-81-921808-1-6

 Research project (if any): Nil

Any other information wants to provide:

  • Invited Lecture/Talk:


Sl No. Theme of the lecture/talk Organised by Date
1 Framing International Relations : A Brief Outline Department of Political Science, Dumkal College, Murshidabad 14.11.2019
2 India and Indian Ocean: Foes and Friends Department of Political Science, Blagarh Bijoykrishna College, Hooghly 31.10.2019
3 Indian Foreign Policy and SAARC Department of Political Science, Blagarh Bijoykrishna College, Hooghly 23.11.2015


  • Served as a guest faculty to the PG Department of Political Science, Kazi Nazrul University, Assansol in 2016

 Seminar Organised

Sl No. Theme of the Seminar Level Sponsored by Acted as Date
1 The Endangered Gender: Subversion Identity of Women and Social Perils  


Krishnath College Joint Convener




 July 9,2019
2 The Role of Linguistics in Literature Studies : An Eco-critical Approach International Krishnath College Joint Convener January 20, 2018
3 Parliamentary Democracy in India: Theory and Practice Regional Department of Parliamentary Affairs, Govt. of West Bengal Convenor  October 5, 2015
4 Sir Ashutosh Mookherjee As An Educationist  


West Bengal Higher Education Council Joint Convener




January16, February17 and February24, 2014


5 Indo-Bangladesh Relations : Issues, Problems and Recent Developments National


UGC Joint Convener



September 7 & 8, 2013
6 Understanding Swami Vivekananda In Contemporary Perspective  


UGC Joint Convener





August 23 & 24, 2013