Department: Geography

Date of Joining: 22/12/2000

Address: 201 – Ava Apartment, 61-Rejaul Karim Sarani, Gorabazar, Berhampore, Murshidabad(W.B.) Pin No. – 742101

Phone No: 9434003765

E-mail: sghosh2871972@gmail.com

Academic Qualification: M.Sc, Ph.D.

Area of Specialization: Geomorphology and Environmental Geography

Research Interest: Environmental Geomorphology

Publication in Journals: 7 (Annexure-I)

Talk/Posters/Papers Presented:  6 (Annexure-II)

Publication in Books, Chapters etc: 2 (Annexure – III)

Research Project (If Any): “The Changing River Courses and its Impact on Human Society in Murshidabad District, West Bengal”

Any other information wants to provide: N.A.

Annexure-I:   Publication in Journals

Sl No. Title of the Journals Journals Name with year, Vol, page no. ISSN/ ISBN No Remarks
1. Geomorphic Land Evaluation for Sustainable Use of Land Resource in Puruliya District, West Bengal The Indian Journal of Landscape Systems and Ecological Studies 2012, 35(1): 263-274. ISSN 0971-4170 Reviewed Journal
2. Integrating the Functional Attributes of Land for Land Resource Management: A Case Study of Puruliya District 2012,pp 66-73 Environmental Degradation and Strategies for Conservation and Management organised by Krishnagar Govt. College 2012,pp 66-73     ——– Conference Proceeding



3. Hydro-Geomorphological Studies in Plateau Fringe Area of West Bengal Emerging Trend in Geography by organised by Bankura Christian College & published in Wesleyan Journal of Research 2012,5(2):27-37 ISSN: 0975-1386 Peer Reviewed International Journal
4. Land capability evaluation based on  soil parameters in plateau fringe area of West Bengal, India International Journal of Current Research, 2012,4(10):287-292 ISSN 0975-833X Peer Reviewed, Impact


5. Land resource evaluation for  sustainable land resource management in western part  of West Bengal, India International Journal of Recent Scientific Research 2015,6 (1):2466-2471 ISSN 0976-3031 Peer Reviewed , Impact Factor:3.908
6. Spatial variation  of soil pH and soil phosphorous and their Interrelationship in the plateau area of West Bengal, India . International Journal of Recent Scientific Research,  2015,6 (3): 3208-3212 ISSN 0976-3031 Peer Reviewed, Impact Factor:3.908
7. . River Bank Erosion and  Environmental Neo-Refugees: A Case Study of Murshidabad District in West Bengal, India International Journal of Current Research,2015, 7(05): 16582-16589 ISSN 0975-833X Peer Reviewed, Impact Factor:5.394

Annexure-II:   Talk/Posters/Papers Presented

Sl. No. Title of the Paper Title of the Conference/ Seminar Organized by Whether International/ National/ State/ Regional/ College or University Level



Geomorphic Land Classification for Sustainable Land Use in Puruliya District, West Bengal UGC sponsored National Seminar on Environmental Hazards, 6-7 th January, 2012 Domkal College National

River Bank Erosion and Its Impact on Human Society in Murshidabad District of West Bengal

Application of Modern Techniques for Management of Contemporary Hazards and Disasters, 5th -6th Sept, 2014 Haringhata Mahavidyalaya National
3. Terrain Characteristics and its Influence on Tribal Communities in the Puruliya District of  West Bengal Socio-Economic Environment of the Tribes of India with Special Reference to the Santals

19-20th Sept,2014

Turku Hasda Lapsa Hemram Mahavidyalay National


Erosion and People: A Selected Case Study of Murshidabad District, West Bengal Environmental Perspectives and Resource Management

19-20th Dec,2014

Institute of Landscape, Ecology and Ekistics International
5. Influence of Litho-topo Function on the Low Availability of Water Resources and Stress in Agriculture in Plateau Area of West Bengal Groundwater: Issues & Challenges of The 21ST Century

29-30th Dec,2014

Sripath Singh College International
6. Wetland Mapping and Utilisation: Case study of Murshidabad District,W.B. Land Use Planning and Management 28th -29th Sept.,2016 Institute of Landscape, Ecology and Ekistics National


Annexure-III: Publication of Books, Chapters etc

Sl No. Title of the Articles /Books Books publishers. ISSN/ ISBN No Remarks


Sustainable Land Resources Management: An Integrated GIS Approach LAMBERT Academic Publishing (Germany),200pp


ISBN: 978-3-659-36379-5 International Books
2. Landscape system and sustainable land use in Puruliya District, West Bengal.


Landscape and Development Interfaces in Geographical Research, 2014pp 78-83.

Publisher: Academic Publishers

978-93-83420-37-7 Edited books

Edited by

Dr. Sumana Bandyopadhyay and

Dr.Lakshminrayan Satpati.